Many businesses have been asking a century-long question, “how does a business grow?”


In our latest issue, our writers/entrepreneurs will give a better understanding of how to grow your business by using specific business growth strategies, business growth plans, and more. We are excited to share this with you so you may implement these business growth tips in your business.


Daniel Lewis shares his entrepreneurial upbringing, which includes selling customized bandanas and customizing car interiors in his teenage years. He later started his tea business, called T By Daniel. He shares his story of his WHY, his reason, for starting the business, idea generation, how he scaled the business with e-commerce, as well as challenges and successes.


You will also learn from other micro-entrepreneurs about diversifying your products and services, tips on staying relevant to your clients, understanding and delivering value to your customers. Pick up a copy to learn tips on how you can grow as an entrepreneur.

Issue 5 (Print)