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There are three things you must do to close any sale. It does not matter if you are doing a phone sale, in-person consultation or selling from the stage. If any of these elements are missing, your closing percentage will decrease.At the heart of any sale, there is a transference of emotion from you to the prospect.

The emotion you are transferring is certainty. There are two types of certainty, logical and emotional. I am sure you have heard this a million times, but if the prospect is not emotionally connected with your product or service, they will not buy from you. In other words, people buy for emotional reasons.

They have to see themselves using your product or service before they buy it. However, prospects justify their decision with logic. Your product or service has to make logical sense to them; they need to know that it works. It is your responsibility as a salesperson to prove a logical case to them. You must lead with logical certainty to help the prospect get emotionally connected with your product or service.


SUCCESSES ALREADY EMERGINGEric Yuan’s Zoom video conferencing and Jeff Bezos’ Amazon are making a mint. Who is paying? People and companies whose industries remain untouched, and those who grabbed time-sensitive opportunities. As a remote business owner on extended maternity leave, I had just co-authored a very timely best-seller and was referred a consulting client as this began.WHAT ARE THE OPPORTUNITIESWe are likely not going back to business as usual. The Pandemic will end, but you want to be in a sustainable position, by then. If you can work remotely, consider these options.



We have lost loved ones, jobs, businesses, income and community safety nets, but I hope to help us come out the other end healthy and wealthy, in honour of our losses. As we navigate this Pandemic, I hope this deepens our sense of possibility.


Close your eyes for a second, and think about some of the most popular, well-known brands out there. Which ones come to mind? It could be a clothing franchise; maybe it’s a food chain or even a particular social media app. You know who they are, what they stand for and what they offer. That is because they are established. As a result, creating brand awareness is not exactly a priority for them, like it used to be.

However, for your brand, it is. If you pre-launch, chances are no one knows who you are (except for the friends and family of your team, and maybe some investors if you have got them).
Now, not only do you have to launch your product/service, but you also have to tell people who you are, Why they should buy from you and why they should trust you.




The 2008 recession, which was not as bad as current world events, took the world ten years to recover. In light of this, ask yourself how long this economic downturn will take you to get back on your feet economically? In this time of uncertainty, several industries will change forever.

In what direction will this change take you, your customers and your community? Use these questions to guide your decisions. Now is a time to pivot (see Issue 4).

Find a partner to brainstorm with and look at the following questions or scenarios:

1. Starting a new business. When deciding on which market to enter, there are three areas we must look at.
√ New gap to fill. What gap in your industry has suddenly opened up, is unfulfilled and will continue to do so in the new norm of social distancing? How can you capitalize on this gap in filling a need?



Tap into your network:
When I first started taking photographs, I focused mainly on helping close friends with their photography projects and needs. I did this without a charge. However, after deciding to turn my passion into a business, I had to figure out a way to get paying clients. I did this by reaching out to friends I had worked with and asked that they refer me to people who were in need of photography services. One benefit of tapping into your network is that you can leverage your social ties to test out and introduce your services to the market.

Give people a reason to want to refer you.
In my case, a lot of individuals I worked with feedback about how quickly my turnaround is. This is one of their selling-points when referring my services to people in their network. Being aware of this, I go the extra mile to ensure I do not disappoint, and the photos are delivered within the agreed timeframe

Taking The Plunge In A Crisis Jacy King.



Looking back on my business and its growth, it is not what I envisioned when I started. Growing up, I never truly found anything I was “good” at. Friends and family members excelled at sports, music, and more, while I felt empty and struggling to find something in my life towards which I could excel.

Two and a half years ago, while severely mentally struggling, I found that thing that I had been looking for.

September 2017 I was exhausted both mentally and physically. I had a three-year-old, a two-month-old, Postpartum Anxiety and Depression. I was struggling to adjust to our new routine, and as any mother who has dealt with anxiety and depression can tell you, it was no easy task. My son was a baby who always had to have something in his mouth. Whether that being a soother, his hands, or anything he could get his hands on. While looking to find a safe option for him to chew on, I went way beyond my comfort zone and decided to start my own business and create Little Chomperz Teethers.